VelocityShares ETNs

We design exchange-traded products and sophisticated strategies for knowledgeable institutional investors. The team is focused on developing tradable instruments that can enable sophisticated institutional investors to manage their risk, and express short-term market views.

The Currency products discussed on this site may be used in concert with ETFs, ETNs, swaps, futures and/or options to implement risk management strategies.

The U.S. Volatility, Metals and Energy products discussed on this site have been delisted. Delisted products do not trade on any national securities exchange. Delisted products may trade, if at all, on an over-the-counter (OTC) basis.

The term ETN is used collectively to refer to Exchange-Traded Notes and delisted Notes that may be traded over-the-counter.

VelocityShares is dedicated to providing knowledgeable institutional investors with sophisticated solutions for portfolio and trading risk management. The team has significant experience across asset classes on both the buy- and sell-sides of the financial markets, and believes that combined knowledge and insight enables the development and delivery of innovative products.

Quick Facts

  • $1,352 MM total Note assets (as of 09/14/2020)
  • 18 products across the Volatility, Metals, Energy, and Currency markets
  • Risk management strategies


Data as of 09:32 PM, 09/26/2020
Data as of 09:32 PM, 09/26/2020
Data as of 09:32 PM, 09/26/2020
Contract Month Last Change Open High Low
VIX OCT 31.27 -0.98 32.25 32.66 31.00
VIX NOV 32.90 -0.70 33.57 34.00 32.80
VIX DEC 31.30 -0.66 31.95 32.28 31.30
VIX JAN 30.35 -0.61 30.95 31.25 30.30
VIX FEB 29.65 -0.52 30.00 30.46 29.55
VIX MAR 29.25 -0.50 29.60 30.00 29.15
Contract Month Last Change Open High Low
GOLD FUTURES SEP 20 SEP 1,856.30 0.00 1,856.30 1,856.30 1,856.30
SILVER FUTURES SEP 20 SEP 22.98 0.00 22.75 22.98 22.73
Contract Month Last Change Open High Low
HENRY HUB NATURAL GAS FUTURES OCT 20 OCT 2.13 0.00 2.18 2.26 2.10